An Electronic Encyclopaedia

with a focus on

Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology


ORACODENT aims to present the dental and allied professions with a continuously evolving encyclopaedia with a primary focus on oral medicine and oral pathology. It belongs among a new generation of information resources characterized by being process oriented. In contrast to printed items and most other electronic encyclopaedias / learning aids on the market, it has been developed to allow continuous amendments and additions on a daily basis.

ORACODENT is designed as an easy to access electronic chair-side reference, which primarily has its focus on everyday patients, but also on many uncommon disorders encountered in oral / dental care. The encyclopaedia exists as interconnected CD and WEB versions in which basic data are organized in structured documents; presently some 1900 which together with around 1300 images focus on the subjects or oral pathology and oral medicine. The documents are knit together with over 14 000 internal and 3.300 external Internet links; the latter largely as references to abstracts in the Medline database in which ”a click” will access a wealth of further reports and reviews.

ORACODENT relates its data to international classifications (WHO’s ICD-10, ICD-DA3 and ATC). The content is serviced by a permanent editorial board interacting with clinicians / researchers and following the scientific literature and recommended textbooks. Enacted changes become accessible in the WEB version within 24 hours. 


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